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Kansas Licensed CO2 Extraction

High Quality, High Purity CBD Find Out More About Extraction Services
Image shows rich, fluffy crude oil being extracted from our CO2-driven extraction machines. A gloved hand holds a glass beaker that is filled with exceptionally high-quality, winterized, hemp-derived crude.

Kansas Licensed CO2 Extraction

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Image shows newly distilled oil being poured from a flask into a clean and sanitized storage bucket. This oil will then be formulated into many full-spectrum CBD products like tinctures, topical oils and lotions, and other edible items.
Bulk hemp seeds available for sale. Hemp for CBD extraction takes some savvy to grow, but we will guide you every step of the way from planting to harvest to ensure you get the maximum yield from your crop.

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Image shows harvested and dried hemp biomass that is ready for grinding, decarbing, extraction, and eventual distillation. Kancanna specializes in hemp processing for farmers after harvesting their hemp crops